Contest Results 2011

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Winners in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd:

Youth Fiddle:
Joseph Collum of Wady, KY
Meghan Bryant of Martin, KY
Gabe Dansereau of Big Creek, KY

Youth Banjo:
Christina Saliga of Pendleton, KY
Logan Dollarhide of Whitesburg, KY (tie 2nd)
Isaac May of Mount Eden, KY (tie 2nd)
Emily Bryant of Martin, KY

John Lilly of Charleston, WV
Sarah Wood from Maysville, KY
Rich Kirby of Dungannon, VA

Barb Brown of Morehead, KY
Gabe Dansereau of Big Creek, KY
Karly Dawn Higgins of Morehead, KY

Sarah Wood of Maysville, KY
Anna Roberts-Gevalt of Floyd, VA
Dave Kannapell of Prospect, KY

Adult Banjo:
Anna Roberts-Gevalt of Floyd, VA
Matt Ball of Richmond, VA
Jackie Helton of Campton, KY

Adult Fiddle:
Paul David Smith of Hardy, KY
Jesse Downs of Readstown, Wisconsin
T-Claw of Nashville, TN

String Band:
The Rail Splitters:
Adrian Powell*, Julie Shepherd-Powell*, Matt Ball, and J.T. Cure**
T-Claw and the Gals:
T-Claw, Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Karly Dawn Higgins, and Sarah Wood
Gabe and the Carrot Top Crew:
Gabe Dansereau, Logan Dollarhide, Joseph Collum, and Isaac May

* of Big Stone Gap, VA
** of Nashville, TN